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Marcia Krebs

Marcia Krebs
716-440-7498 (Mobile)
I am ready to share my knowledge gained from more than 20 years in the construction industry with all of our clients! My love of real estate started at a young age when I would go to work with my mom, who was also a real estate agent. Growing up as an "Army brat" meant that I moved every couple of years with my family which has prepared me to understand what your family will experience throughout the home buying process. I look forward to putting my award-winning skills to work and help YOU find your dream home!

* KW Rookie of the Year 2015

* KW Technology Committee Member

* KW Faculty Member

* BNAR Technology Committee Member

* BNAR Young Professionals Committee Member

* BOLD Graduate

* MAPS Mastery Client

* Women's Council of Realtors Member

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